Pavenham Village in Bedfordshire

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Below is a satellite view of the village:

Village Tour

The tour starts as we enter the village from neighbouring Oakley. On our right you will find an area given over to 'mobile' residential homes. This is attractively laid out and is known as Pavenham Park.
A few hundred yards further on also on the right hand side, lies the village hall, playing field, all-weather tennis courts and pavilion, children's play area and changing rooms.
Again, a few hundred yards further on the right, lies the entrance to the Pavenham Park Golf Club with its 18 hole parkland course and clubhouse.
Moving further into the village, and turning up Church Lane, you will pass 'The Bury' on the right hand side. This is the only major housing development in the village and was constructed in the 1970's.
Climbing the rise, you will see on the right hand side the entrance to St.Peter's, the 13th century church. There will be more about this church on other pages in this site.
A general view of the churchyard.
Returning down Church Lane, there are attractive views of the village across the fields.
On the left hand side of the junction of Church Lane and the High Street, lies the war memorial to commemorate those villagers who fell during the two World Wars.
Turning right out of Church Lane we enter the High Street.
On the left hand sde just after entering the High Street, lies the old Village Store. In days gone by, it also boasted a petrol pump - long gone now.
A few yards further on lies the old village school house. Note the clock on the front fascia. More about this in another part of the site.
Just a little further along, again on the left hand side, is the village pub - The Cock.
Passing by the pub on the left hand side, lies Mill Lane, which leads down to the River Ouse.
Another view of the river from the bottom of Mill Lane.
A view across the River Ouse towards Stevington.
At the top of Mill Lane, lies the 2009 development of new stone built cottages.

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