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For table reservations call 01234 822834.

A Brief History of Rushwork in Pavenham

Rushwork has been carried out in Pavenham since the mid 17th century. Several shops in the village produced large rolls of matting for covering floors of large buildings, including cathedrals and the Houses of Parliament. Other smaller rolls were cut up to make dinner baskets.

The common bulrush has been harvested in Pavenham for at least 200 years. The rushcutters waded, often chest deep, into the river Great Ouse, and cut the rushes using a 'Rush Hook'. The rushes were then bundled into 'Boults' and stacked together to form rafts, or 'Rucks', which could be punted along.

In 1946 Mrs Pamela Morgan revived the rushwork trade in Pavenham, which had all but died out due to cheap imports from abroad. She extended the range of products to include many different styles of baskets and tablemats, marketing her varied wares alll over the British Isles. She also gave lessons with the help of local people.

A new generation continues the work. The rushes are cut using traditional methods and carefully dried to preserve the beautiful colours of the rushes.

Products include hats, tablemats and baskets.

To make an appointment/find out more, please telephone:
Pavenham Rushwork on 01234 826433/781876.

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